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We are a union made up of over 171,000 home care and family child care providers throughout California. Like all work done by women and people of color, care work has been historically excluded from the labor rights and protections afforded to other fields. UDW began nearly 50 years ago to fight this systemic injustice and has won many victories by building power from—and for—our traditionally underserved workforce. Through sharing our strengths and experiences, we have won many victories for care workers including paid sick leave, vacation pay, and overtime. We also advocate for the seniors, people with disabilities, and children we serve.

But UDW is about more than pay and working conditions. As a union founded by people of color that serves a membership that is by majority women and people of color, we believe our existence is itself revolutionary and are dedicated to transforming society to better reflect the American ideal of “And Justice for All.” UDW fights for home care and child care providers—but also for the communities in which we live. Our vision of justice is a world where everyone has the resources they need to live a good life, where equality and dignity are possible, and where no one is discriminated against based on who they are, where they live, or who they love.