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The Orange County Health & Welfare Council in action!

UDW committees and councils are caregiver-driven collectives dedicated to acting as a resource for homecare providers. All UDW providers are invited to participate in and lead committees and councils in their counties. To get involved in any of the councils below–or to get help from your fellow caregivers!–contact your local office.


Caregivers in the advocacy councils conduct advocacy workshops in their counties by training and helping members through the reassessment and hearing process. To learn more about how your Advocacy Council can help you, click here.

Health & Welfare

Caregivers on the health and welfare council seek and develop resources for other UDW members and their families. This includes, but is not limited to, assistance with housing, utilities, and food, food distribution programs, and social services.

Area Information Meetings

Members of the AIM council discuss current IHSS issues, contracts, labor management committee reports, political issues, labor community updates, and information from the health and welfare Council. They work with UDW staff to develop field reports and build a network of active members to participate in UDW programs.


Caregivers in the political council conduct voter registration drives, meet with elected officials to educate them about homecare, give PEOPLE presentations, and get other members involved in local and national elections.

Civil & Human Rights

Members of the civil and human rights council coalition-build with local civil and human rights organizations, and conduct advocacy around civil rights issues.

Coalition Building

Members of a coalition building council work to identify and build relationships with local senior, disability, religious, labor groups, chamber of commerce, and community organizations to empower members and their families.



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