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Need help filling out your timesheet or setting up direct deposit for your paycheck? Are you a new caregiver, and need help understanding the IHSS program requirements for providers?

You’re in the right place. Below you will find answers to these questions and more—as always, we’re here to help you!

Apply for Direct Deposit

Most people think of direct deposit as an everyday convenience when working; however, for IHSS providers it is a hard-won benefit. Our union worked for over five years to pass state legislation and secure direct deposit for IHSS paychecks. In 2008, direct deposit became a reality for all eligible homecare providers.

Provider Direct Deposit (PDD) is an optional way for providers to receive their paychecks. Direct deposit eliminates stolen and lost checks, and the funds are deposited to a bank account faster than receiving a check by mail. Providers who wish to continue to receive pay checks by mail are not required to participate in the program.

Although UDW sponsored the legislation that made direct deposit possible, we do not administer the program. Administration is done by the California Department of Social Services (CDSS). Public Authorities and/or counties are not involved in direct deposit and providers should not call these offices for assistance. If you need help, contact the PDD help desk at 1-866-376-7066 (and have your pay stub available when you make the call).

All IHSS providers are eligible for direct deposit if they:

  1. Have a savings or checking account in a financial institution such as a bank, savings and loan, credit union or any other financial institution which is able to accept electronic funds transfer (EFT).
  2. Receive paper checks at least twice a month.
  3. Are not planning to send 100% of funds deposited to your bank to another bank outside the US.

Providers who are not eligible for direct deposit:

Once a provider has reached the 90-day program participation requirement, an outreach letter and Direct Deposit Enrollment/Change/Cancellation (SOC 829) form will be sent to his or her home address. Instructions for filling out the form are also included with these documents.

A provider who works for multiple clients will receive an outreach letter and form for each client. For example, a provider with four clients will receive four forms. Providers must submit a separate form for each client. The paychecks for each of these four clients can go into one bank account or multiple accounts. If a provider takes on a new client after having worked for his/her original client over 90 days, the provider will have to work 90 days for this new client to be eligible for direct deposit.

Direct deposit processing can take up to 60 days. If there are any problems in the processing, providers will be notified and instructed what to correct or to re-enroll. During this processing period, providers will continue to receive paper checks.

If a provider closes his or her account or changes banks they need to notify the PDD help desk immediately. Providers will need to fill out a new Direct Deposit Enrollment/Change/Cancellation form (SOC 829). Do not close your old account until you have received your first paycheck deposit in your new account.

Although providers on direct deposit no longer receive their paychecks through the mail, it is very important that a change of address is reported to the county immediately to continue receiving timesheets and remittance advice on deposited paychecks and earning statements.

More information about IHSS direct deposit can be found here, or you can contact the PDD help desk toll-free at 1-866-376-7066.


For updated information about new IHSS program rules and timesheets, click here. Still need help? Call us at 1-800-621-5016.

Paycheck Deductions

IHSS paychecks are itemized, showing your gross and net pay, as well as the deductions the IHSS payroll computer has taken out of your check.

Our union worked with state legislators for several years to win the right for providers to have an itemized paycheck. Prior to UDW’s victory, IHSS providers could not see or verify that deductions were made correctly.

If you have questions about paycheck deductions, you can contact your local IHSS Public Authority. For questions about union dues, contact our Member Resource Center at 1-800-621-5016.

Requirements to Become an IHSS Provider

Employment as an IHSS Provider

Individuals who pass the requirements below may become an IHSS provider and be hired by any IHSS client (recipient) who is enrolled in the program and has available authorized work hours. Here is the form for an IHSS client to designate a new IHSS provider.

If you are seeking employment as a home care provider but do not know a client that needs help, you can still apply and be placed on an IHSS registry in your county. The IHSS Public Authority in each county maintains a registry to match IHSS providers and clients.

Enrollment Requirements

The following four requirements apply to all providers, regardless of whether or not your IHSS client is a family member.

1) Complete the Provider Enrollment Form

2) Complete a Background Check and Fingerprinting

3) Go to an IHSS Provider Orientation

4) Sign and turn in the IHSS Provider Enrollment Agreement

Scope and Limitations of these Requirements

Once you have completed the above four steps and have been enrolled as an IHSS provider, you will continue to be eligible to get paid for providing authorized services to any IHSS client (recipient) as long as you are an active provider and the criminal background check remains clear of all disqualifying crimes.

If you work in more than one county, you do not need to complete a second background check for that county.

If you have no payroll activity for one year, your eligibility is automatically terminated. If this happens and you want to re-enroll, you will have to apply again and complete all provider enrollment requirements (including the cost of fingerprinting and criminal background check).

If you have any questions about these requirements, contact your county IHSS office or IHSS Public Authority. You may also contact our Member Benefits Center at 1-800-621-5016.

If Your Paycheck or Timesheet is Late

IHSS Help Desk

You should receive your paycheck within 10 business days of mailing your timesheet. If you do not receive your next timesheet with your paycheck, it should arrive within three business days from receipt of your paycheck.

If either of these items are late, you can reach out to the IHSS Help Desk in your county. Full list is here.

Alpine: 530-694-2235

Butte: 530-538-7538, menu option 1

El Dorado: 530-621-6287 or 530-621-6275

Imperial: 760-337-3084

Kern: 661-868-1004

Madera: 559-662-8300

Mariposa: 209-966-2000 – ask for the IHSS unit

Merced: If your last name starts with

Mono: 760-760-1770

Nevada: 211

Orange: 714-825-3195 or 714-825-3000

Placer: 916-872-6555

Plumas: 530-283-6481

Riverside: 1-800-575-2588

San Diego: 1-866-351-7722

San Luis Obispo: North County 805-461-6110; South County 805-474-2103

Santa Barbara: 1-866-313-1353

Sierra: 530-274-5603

Stanislaus 209-558-2637

Sutter: 530-822-7619

Tuolumne: N/A