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UDWA News Post

Together, we have accomplished so much – and in 2019, we can do even more

You’ve probably heard by now that, because of a proposed rule change from the government in Washington, D.C., all UDW members must sign a new member card.

(Don’t worry, it’s easy to do, simply visit and you will be done in a few minutes.)

Why do we have to do this? Because wealthy corporate interests want to get rid of unions altogether so they can pay workers as much—or as little—as they want. And they are starting with home care workers because they think we are weak and won’t put up a fight.

But anyone who has been a caregiver knows that we are the toughest fighters of all! We fight exhaustion, frustration and fear to provide lifesaving care every day. We fight to give seniors and people with disabilities the best lives possible. And we fight to provide for ourselves and our families.

That’s why UDW members are sticking with our union, signing re-authorization cards, and re-committing to fight for IHSS and working families in the new year.

Delfina Gonzalez, San Diego County, signed her membership card. She knows that the only way we will raise caregiver pay and stop cuts to the program is to build power together.

“I decided to re-sign because I am very grateful of all the wins that the union has gotten for us in the past, but I know that’s not the end, we still have a lot to fight for. Re-signing guarantees that we will be able to continue to fight for the IHSS program and protect it and our clients.”

— Delfina Gonzalez,

Caregiver, San Diego County

But don’t forget there are a lot of every day benefits to membership, too. UDW members get free trainings like CPR and First Aid, a low-cost dental plan, discounts on things like prescription drugs, and help with IHSS hours and timesheets. UDW has helped providers win back pay and more IHSS hours for their clients. UDW members fought for the option of electronic timesheets—which is helping many caregivers get paid a lot faster. And UDW members can use the IHSS Help App on their phone or get a money-saving debit card that allows users to shop online and get direct deposit—even if they don’t have a bank account!

“Our union has gotten us direct deposit, electronic timesheets, dental benefits, overtime and paid sick leave. Organizing workers through a union made that happen. Without our commitment to our union, there’s a lot at stake and a lot to lose.”

— Alane Quien, Caregiver, Merced County

Most importantly, sticking with the union is sticking with what’s right: We can’t let a bunch of anti-worker billionaires tell us how we spend our money. These are our paychecks. This is our union. This is our fight.

You can read more about the proposed rule here at

“Caregivers face things everyday that most people couldn’t handle. We are strong. Our union is the best tool we have to use that strength to defend our program and protect ourselves. We’re not going to let anyone take it away.”

— Wymon Johnson, Caregiver, Kern County