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UDWA News Post

President’s Report, Winter 2019

Dear Fellow IHSS Providers-

Happy 2019! I am excited for the rewards and challenges of the year ahead and grateful for all of you as we are on this journey together.

This past fall was a busy time for our union. As your Statewide President, I oversaw our electoral efforts and our work to ensure that our membership remains strong in the face of the federal government’s attack on home care unions.

I’m happy to report that caregivers won many important victories at the ballot box. We targeted the lawmakers who voted to cut IHSS at the federal level and, thanks to the hard work of UDW members and our allies, we replaced six of them with representatives who have promised to be champions for care! Thank you to everyone who helped. Whether you knocked on doors, made phone calls, or just made the commitment to vote on Election Day, your voice mattered. Together, we will hold these new lawmakers to their promises the next time IHSS funding is threatened.

Another big part of the last few months for me has been working to educate members as we fight a rule change coming from the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) that will change the way we pay our dues. I travelled around the state helping spread the word that all members have to sign our new membership card to re-authorize their UDW membership and remain a member in good standing. Although the threats coming from anti-union forces is real, talking to all of you reminds me of how strong and determined caregivers are and how no one can stop us when we stick together!

In Solidarity,

Editha Adams

UDW Statewide President

President’s Report of Events, Actions and Participations

District 4 Membership Meeting, August 9

I joined our District 4 members in Madera County to update them on statewide union activities.

Year of the Woman Event, August 14

I joined other members of our Executive Board at our Sacramento office to celebrate UDW-endorsed women running for office.

District 3 Local Board Meeting, August 17

I attended this meeting to help prepare for an upcoming district membership meeting.

District 8 Local Board meeting, August 23

I attend this meeting to help organize the next membership meetings and plan an upcoming picnic.

B5 Culinary Arts Academy Graduation, August 25

I addressed this year’s graduating class from the culinary program we started to help community members.

District 4 Membership Picnic, August 31

I joined our District 4 members for a picnic and fellowship in Merced County.

District 8 Local Board Meeting, September 6

I attended this meeting in Imperial County to plan upcoming events and actions in District 8.

UDW Executive Board Meeting, September 10

I presided over this regular meeting of our Executive Board in San Diego.

California Alliance for Retired Americans Regional Convention (CARA), September 12

I represented UDW at this regional convention of CARA in San Diego, an important partner in our work to improve long-term care.

District 3 Membership Meeting, September 21

I attended this meeting of our District 3 members in Riverside County.

District 8 Picnic, October 19

I attended this annual celebration with our District 8 members.

Pilipino Workers Center (PWC) Caregivers and Domestic Workers Forum, October 20

I served as master of ceremonies for this event that featured UDW Assistant Executive Director, Johanna Hester, as well as Alor Calderon from the Employee Rights Center.

District 1 Membership Meeting, October 25

I attended this meeting of our District 1 members in Chula Vista.

Esperanza Event, October 27

I attended this UDW-sponsored event for women.

District 8 Local Board Meeting, November 1

I attended this meeting with our District 8 Local Board.

Facebook Live Video Stream, November 7

I cohosted this live video event on the UDW Facebook page to help educate our membership on changes to our dues collection.

Provider Appreciation Dinner, November 8

I attended this event to celebrate our Butte County members.

District 3 Leadership Academy Graduation, November 9

I attended this event at our Riverside office to help honor our District 3 members who have completed UDW Leadership Academy training.

International Domestic Workers Federation (IDWF), November 12-21

I represented UDW caregivers the IDWF 2018 Congress in Cape Town, South Africa.

CARA Annual Retreat, November 28

I attended this annual retreat in Oakland.

District 5 Membership Meeting and Leadership Academy Graduation, November 30

I joined our District 5 members in Kern County for a regular membership meeting and to honor graduates of UDW Leadership Academy.

Executive Board Meeting, December 3

I presided over this regular meeting of UDW’s elected leadership in San Diego.

District 4 Provider Appreciation Dinner and Membership Meeting, December 5

I joined our District 4 members in Stanislaus County for a holiday celebration and membership meeting.

Jingle Bell Run, December 8

I attended this UDW-sponsored fundraiser for the Arthritis Foundation.

District 6 Provider Appreciation Dinner, December 13

I helped celebrate our Placer County providers with our District 6 members in Roseville.

District 3 Membership Meeting, December 14

I attended this meeting of our District 3 membership in Riverside.

District 5 Provider Appreciation Dinner, December 14

I joined our members from San Luis Obsipo and Santa Barbara Counties in their annual celebration in Santa Maria.

Conference calls

Trustee Conference Call, August 29

Met on a call to discuss UDW endorsements in the upcoming election.

Facebook Live Conference Call, November 2

Planning call for upcoming Facebook Live video event on dues collection.