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UDWA News Post

President’s Report, Winter 2018

Dear Fellow IHSS providers,

This coming year is going to be a great year for UDW members.

Thanks to the hard work of UDW members pushing for the benefits we deserve, IHSS providers will finally be able to accrue sick days in July! And our new member benefit, the UDW U.S. Bank Focus Card, is making direct deposit and online shopping available to our members with no reliable bank account.

But 2018 will also have plenty of challenges for us. We will continue fighting to protect IHSS funding from federal attacks. And we are working hard to make sure next year’s launch of Electronic Visit Verification (EVV) protects privacy for ourselves and our clients.

I am confident that we can use every challenge as an opportunity to do what really matters: Protect IHSS and make it work better for everyone who needs it. And I am confident that we will end 2018 the way we began it: Caregiver strong!

Thank you, caregivers!


Member meeting in District 4, October 2

This was a great meeting with the District 4 and Executive Director Doug Moore about continuing leadership with UDW.

Member meeting in District 1, October 4

This meet-and-greet with District 1 members and Executive Director Doug Moore followed up on training from October 12.

District 8 Local Board meeting, October 5

This meeting with UDW staff was to prepare for the Imperial County membership and Provider Appreciation event in November.

CPI Dinner, October 6

I attended the dinner and accepted a Labor Union Leadership award on behalf of UDW.

San Diego Board of Supervisors meeting, October 10

I spoke at the meeting to convince the Board of Supervisors to support the 5-year contract for San Diego homecare workers which would raise pay by $1/hour in 2018 and increase by $1 every year until 2022.

Leadership training in District 1, October 12

This training focused on relationship building to serve our UDW member’s needs.

Candidate endorsement conference call, October 12

This call was to get information on which candidates in upcoming elections will protect IHSS and our members.

District 3 meet-and-greet, October 13

This meeting focused on improving members services and other related leadership issues.

Protect Our Care action at Rep. Darrell Issa’s office, October 17

I participated in a rally with our members and other allies at Congressman Issa’s office to protest federal cuts to Medicaid and IHSS.

Convention Conference Call, October 17

I participated in this call with UDW staff and other UDW leaders to plan for our upcoming membership convention.

Kern County meeting, October 23

I met with Kern County members one-on-one to discuss their concerns

Kern Count membership meeting, October 24

I attended this meeting of the full Kern County membership

Pilipino Workers Center (PWC) 20th Anniversary, November 8

I attended the PWC 20th Anniversary event at Pico House in Los Angeles.

Plumas County, November 9

I attended the Plumas membership meeting and Provider Appreciation event.

Riverside County, November 15

I attended the Riverside County membership meeting and Provider Appreciation event.

District 8, November 17

I attended the District 8 membership meeting and Provider Appreciation event.

District 1, November 18

I attended the District 1 membership meeting and Provider Appreciation event.

District 5 meeting, November 21

I visited District 5 for a meet-and-greet.

California Alliance for Retired Americans (CARA) retreat, November 28-29

I attended the CARA retreat to support retirement security for our members.

Sutter County, December 1

At the Provider Appreciation event in Sutter County, I was able to meet with new members and share with them my story on how to get involved with UDW and advocate for non-providers to get involved with IHSS>

Orange County Membership and Health Fair, December 3

I conducted the meeting in the absence of the District Chair. There are about 700 participants and 65 Booth attended this event. It was an excellent experience working with UDW staff and volunteers.

District 6, December 4

Meet-and-greet with District 6 local board members

District 6 Provider Appreciation Event, December 5

I attended the event and Christmas party held in Placer County.

Executive Board Meeting, December 6

I participated in the Executive Board meeting held in Orange County.

District 8, December 8

I held a meet-and-greet with District 8 local Board members.

Arthritis Jingle Bell Run, December 8

I participated in this event sponsored by UDW.

District 2, December 18

I participated in meets-and-greets with local board members and 30 more activities in the Orange County office. We educated our members in Orange County about the Freedom Foundation to get involved for the next action.

District 3, December 19

I attended the District 3 membership and Christmas event meeting.

District 8, January 4

I attended the District 8 Local Board meeting  and staff retreat.

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. event, January 16

I attended the Martin Luther King Jr. benefit breakfast in San Diego.