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President’s Report, Winter 2017

Dear fellow UDW caregivers,

What a three months it has been! In the last quarter of the year, we elected and inaugurated a new president, honored caregivers throughout Provider Appreciation Month, and prepared ourselves for a momentous 2017.

This year, we have already begun to face many challenges head on. Our health care and home care are under attack at the federal level. We are fighting back together to urge elected leaders to improve and protect our health care rather than cut it, and ensure programs like Medicaid which provide 55% of IHSS funding are strengthened rather than reduced. In addition, we are standing up to the Freedom Foundation, an anti-home care organization, which has set its sights on California, and has begun targeting IHSS providers with rhetoric that will weaken IHSS providers and our union.

We won’t back down against these threats. Together we will fight, protect, and win!

UDW President Official Acts, November 2016 – January 2017

November was Provider Appreciation Month. I attended several appreciation events in UDW counties around the state to help honor caregivers for the work we do for our clients and our communities.

  • El Dorado County, November 3 – spoke with members about getting more involved in UDW
  • Stanislaus County, November 10 – honored member volunteers
  • Kern County, November 12 – assisted the chair when we received the Home Care Workers Proclamation
  • Madera County, November 15 – spoke out about UDW Advocacy Councils and volunteering
  • Imperial County, November 17
  • Orange County, November 18 – attended the Provider Appreciation Health Fair
  • Placer County, December 8 – Provider Appreciation Month event and holiday party

Throughout the quarter, we held elections in several counties to fill vacancies on our local UDW boards.

  • Madera County Representative elections, December 8
  • Tuolumne County Representative elections, December 9
  • Mariposa County Representative election, December 12
  • Butte County Representative election, December 14
  • Sierra, Nevada, Plumas counties Representative election, December 15
  • Sutter County Representative election, December 19

Actions and events

Senate Human Services oversight hearing, November 1
Attended a Senate Human Services oversight hearing at City Hall in Los Angeles. UDW members shared stories about the impact delayed IHSS paychecks have on our ability to provide for our families.

Hillary Clinton campaign, November 4 – 8
Traveled to Las Vegas to work with fellow UDW caregivers in support of Hillary Clinton’s campaign for president.

Arthritis Foundation 2016 Jingle Bell Run, December 10
Attended the run in San Diego where UDW was the sponsor. We helped educate the community about the IHSS program.

Riverside County Membership Meeting, December 17
Attended the meeting and the annual holiday party.

California Day of Action in Bakersfield, January 27
I spoke at the rally about the importance of Medicare and Medicaid. I talked about my daughter Ellis who is my IHSS client and how important it will be throughout her life to always have access to the medical care she needs. We gathered in front of Congressman McCarthy’s office, and declared that it is not right for him to repeal programs like the Affordable Care Act without alternative resources for people with preexisting conditions like my daughter.


UDW statewide video conference, November 2
The video conference was about the Freedom Foundation, an anti-home care organization. I spoke with members about the importance of standing together, and educating our members about keeping our union strong and standing in opposition to the Freedom Foundation.

California Alliance for Retired Americans (CARA) meeting, November 28
Attended the CARA retreat and meeting where we discussed finding more affiliates and donations, and the upcoming rallies and lobby visits at the State Capitol in 2017.

UDW Executive Board meeting, December 5
We gathered to talk about the next budget, and to create a committee for upcoming events.

UDW Finance Committee meeting, December 12
We met to discuss the upcoming UDW budget.

Arthritis Foundation Board meeting, January 19
We talked about IHSS client Ellis Adams as the young adult honoree, and moved forward on coordinating a UDW team for the next walk. I was also appointed Planning Committee Chairperson of this event.

Arthritis Foundation Board meeting, January 26
We discussed the venue for the next walk, and how to tighten up the relationship with labor union members.