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“United our voices are powerful. We all must do our part to secure dignity and respect for homecare workers.” — Rose Nguyen, Caregiver and UDW Secretary-Treasurer

When we stand together, we can truly make a difference. Becoming a full member of UDW demonstrates your commitment to homecare and means we can stay strong for our clients and families.

Together, we have saved the IHSS program and stopped politicians when they tried to:

We need you. Let’s join forces to protect the homecare program for our clients and loved ones!

Our union dues go toward building a stronger and more powerful presence and voice for caregivers at the legislative level. As an added bonus, there are additional perks to becoming a UDW member, including a low-cost dental plan, free CPR and caregiver trainings, and discounts on cell phones, car insurance, and other necessities for our families.

By joining UDW, you are standing alongside thousands of caregivers to protect IHSS and make our lives better. We can’t do it without you!

Ready to sign up? Sign-up online here or contact your local office. Need more information about the discounts and benefits offered to members? Click here.