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UDWA News Post

President Quarterly report

as of June 21, 2023

February 23- Speaker at the D1 membership meeting in Escondido

February 28- Attended the Legislative Reception in Sacramento

March 1- Checks signing

March 1- Retiree weekly meeting

March 2- D 2 membership meeting in Orange county

March 3- D3 Local Board meeting in person Riverside

March 3- D3 one on one dinner meeting

March 14- Madera membership meeting D4

March 15- Organizer roundtable meeting at UDW San Diego

March 16- UDW retiree weekly phone conference

March 17- McCarthy day of action in Bakersfield

March 25- Speaker at the LCLAA event in San Diego

March 29- Checks signing

March 28- UDW retiree weekly phone conference