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Photos from San Diego bargaining meeting

Childcare Providers Fight for Fair Wages

Photos from San Diego bargaining meeting

In March, CCPU-UDW began our second-ever statewide bargaining negotiations. Our top priority is to fight for and win a new permanent rate structure that better reflects the true cost of subsidized care. Our work makes all other work possible, yet we make less than minimum wage for subsidized care after costs. This is unacceptable!

We deserve a living wage for our invaluable work—and we need it now! “Our fight secured stabilization dollars, improved our access to health care, and even started paving the way to retirement,” Horace Turner, a CCPU-UDW bargaining unit member, said, “But we have so much work left to do! This is our chance to make the changes we need so that we can afford to do the work we love while educating and guiding the next generation.”

We know that our combined voices have the power to make the impossible possible. Now is no different.

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