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UDWA News Post

The President’s Report, Summer 2018

Dear Fellow IHSS Providers,

As your Statewide President, I spent a big part of my summer preparing for conventions, both our UDW Constitutional Convention and the International Convention of AFSCME, which we are an affiliate of. Conventions are a lot of work for everyone involved, but the important work we do there and the wonderful fellowship we share as union members make them very special experiences.

UDW’s 16th Constitutional Convention was held Jun 7-9 in San Diego. Our union’s bylaws call for conventions to be held every three years to report on what we’ve accomplished so far and prepare for what’s ahead. Members elected by their fellow caregivers to be delegates gathered under a slogan that reflects the work we do and what it takes to do it: “Caregiver Strong”.

I was happy to report on the many victories our union has won for our members and clients over the past three years. I’m proud of us and excited for what we will do in the future!

The next month, I led a group of delegates to the AFSCME Convention in Boston. Held July 16-20, we brought a real sense of UDW’s “Caregiver Strong” personality to the convention floor. Our delegates spoke on behalf of and voted for AFSCME resolutions that would protect care, stop harassment of union members by groups like the Freedom Foundation, support an immigration system based on compassion, not cruelty, and other working family issues critical to our members. We also took the chance to educate other AFSCME affiliates about the proposed CMS rule change that is aimed at taking away UDW members rights—and how they can help. (Find out more about the proposed rule here)

Another priority for myself and the rest of the UDW Executive Board this summer has been the 2018 elections. Nothing is more important for protecting care for ourselves, our clients, and the IHSS program than electing lawmakers who support us. I hope you all voted in the primary on June 5! Even if you didn’t vote then, it is still important for you to get out this election day and make sure your voice is heard. To register to vote or to find out if you are registered, go to the Secretary of State’s website.

Don’t forget to vote! IHSS is depending on you. And it’s also a good time for you to contribute to PEOPLE program!

Thank you,

Editha Adams

UDW Statewide President


President’s Report of Events, Actions and Participations

District 8 Local Board Meeting, May 3

I helped our District 8 members organize and plan for an upcoming membership meeting.

San Diego AIM meeting, May 8

I attended this meeting to promote the PEOPLE program and update members about the upcoming UDW and AFSCME conventions.

District 3 delegate meeting, May 10

I met with delegates to the UDW convention from District 3 to prepare them for their convention duties.

Madera membership meeting, May 16

I met with new members from this area to promote UDW councils. I also met with UDW-endorsed elected leaders to ensure they are following-up on UDW’s priorities.

District 1 membership meeting, May 17

I updated our District 1 members in advance of the upcoming UDW and AFSCME conventions. I encouraged members to get actively involved in their union.

District 1 volunteer appreciation social event, May 28

I attended this event to celebrate about 25 District 1 volunteers with an appreciate certificate, lunch, and thank you gifts.

District 1 AIM and picnic, May 30

I attended this District 1 event in the Chula Vista area where our members signed up for the PEOPLE program and signed up for the UDW volunteer list to support our many community activities.

District 6 membership meeting and picnic, May 30

I joined elected leaders and other guest speakers at this fun event in District 6. I updated District 6 members on the upcoming UDW and AFSCME conventions and explained out they can get more deeply involved in their union by signing for an upcoming leadership academy training.

UDW 16th Constitutional Convention, June 6-9

In my role as Statewide President, I presided over this meeting of our elected delegates as we set the course for UDW’s next three years.

Executive Board meeting, June 7

I met with the elected leaders all of our districts to address our union’s business.

UDW/AFSCME Retiree Convention, June 10

I participated in this founding event for our retiree’s group that will bring the energy and talents of members who are no longer caregivers back into our union.

District 3 membership meeting, June 28

I met with our members in District 3 and shared a report on our successful UDW convention, including resolutions that have passed and our awaiting approval from AFSCME.

District 2 membership meeting and picnic, June 30

I met with our District 2 members to share my reflections on our successful UDW convention and encouraged them to sign up for the UDW leadership academy.

District 1 UDW delegate debriefing, July 6

At this meeting, I let the District 1 delegates in a conversation about what worked at the convention and what could be improved. Our delegates were very positive in the debrief, expressing pride in the roles they played in the convention and committing to volunteer and take leadership roles in their district.

AFSCME 43rd International Convention in Boston, July 14-20

I served as a delegate to the International Convention and led our delegation in our constitutional duties as we helped shape AFSCME’s agenda and raised awareness of caregiver issues among AFSCME members in different industries.

District 8 local board meeting, August 7

I joined the district board for a meeting to prepare for the next meeting of their general membership.

District 5 membership meeting, August 9

I gave members in this district reports from both the UDW and AFSCME conventions. I encouraged them to re-sign the authorization card and get involved volunteering at the Santa Maria office.


Conference calls


Retiree convention preparation calls, May 2,9 and 23

Met on calls with UDW and AFSCME staff to prepare for our founding retiree convention on June 10.

Communication Committee call, June 18

On this call, members of UDW’s Communication Committee worked on ideas and assignments for the upcoming edition of the Caregiver.

UDW All-staff and Executive Board statewide conference call, July 27

This call, led by Executive Director Doug Moore, outlined the threats we face from the proposed new CMS rule and how we will fight back—and win. (Find out more about the proposed rule here)

Executive Board conference call, July 27

The purpose of this call was to talk about candidate endorsements for the 2018 general election.