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IHSS Electronic Timesheets Are Here!

UDW members Claire Kaufman and Cindy Wilson testified in front of state lawmakers earlier this year in support of the new electronic timesheet option for IHSS. In addition to electronic timesheets, UDW has been fighting for other improvements to the IHSS payroll system to reduce paycheck delays.

UDW fought for and won this new option to speed up paychecks.

The electronic timesheet option we fought for is now a reality, and many IHSS caregivers are excited about the change. The electronic timesheet system is still new, but we believe it will help reduce the time providers spend waiting for our paychecks. “I have five clients, which means I have to fill out and turn in five

“I have five clients, which means I have to fill out and turn in five different paper timesheets,” said provider Norma Rea of Madera County. “Online timesheets will be less of a hassle.”

Providers in the first three counties to use the new system have reported positive experiences. Amy Cabarse, who cares for her father in Riverside County, got a chance to try the new system for the first time in June. She found using the electronic timesheet safe, secure and convenient.

“It’s very easy,” said Cabarse, “You don’t have to worry about losing your timesheet. You open up your laptop and it’s already there.”

Electronic timesheets became available in the first three counties in June, and will be rolling out statewide in the coming months. Stay updated at

New IHSS electronic timesheets at a glance:

  • Enter and submit timesheets online using smartphones, tablets, computers, or laptops.
  • Are optional — you can still use paper timesheets if you prefer.
  •  Allow you to:
    • Get paid faster
    • Track timesheet and payment status
    • Review previous timesheets up to the last three months
    • Request a new timesheet
    • Have your client review and sign electronically
  • Are currently being used in Riverside, Yolo, and Sacramento Counties, and will be rolled out statewide in the coming months.
  • Phase 1 will roll out in Butte, Kern, Placer, San Diego, and Stanislaus Counties this month!

Learn more at