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UDWA News Post

Budget Victory! IHSS hours restored for three more years

UDW caregivers have worked diligently for years to fight for full funding for the IHSS program.

“When they cut IHSS, they cut our clients’ hours of care,” explained Tuolumne County caregiver Michael Patterson. “They are assessed these hours because they need them. It’s unfair to take care away from our clients.”

Last year, our efforts ended IHSS cuts for one year – but that was not enough. We spent the last 12 months fighting to extend the restoration of our clients’ hours.

And we were successful! In June, Governor Brown signed into law a state budget that fully funds IHSS, restoring the 7% cut to our clients’ hours of care for three more years.

“Now, my 95-year-old client will have all the hours she needs for me to prepare her meals, bathe her, help her dress, and anything else she’s unable to do herself,” said Christine Petraeus, an IHSS provider from San Luis Obispo County.

This is a huge step toward permanently ending cuts to IHSS and giving home care recipients and providers peace of mind.

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