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UDWA News Post

Unity in Our Community

Living and working during the COVID-19 pandemic is tough… but caregivers are tougher! Throughout the state, UDW members are coming together in crisis—and remembering what truly matters.

“There are people who can’t leave the house to buy food or supplies. They need our help, so we are doing everything wecan to support our community.”

In Riverside County, UDW caregivers Camilla Bradford and Marcus Haynes are working together to serve meals to their community through the certified restaurant they run in Bradford’s home. In addition to their customers, Camilla and Marcus work to feed those who can’t afford food, providing another 60 to 70 meals a week: “If people need to eat, we’re going to feed them.”

“This is not the time to feel alone—you are not. We have all felt the impact of this virus and we are all in this together.”

San Diego caregiver Rose Montaño and her family of nine could have panicked when the COVID-19 crisis hit, but instead she shifted into survival mode, joining members of her community in a distribution chain that helps folks all across the South Bay.

“I networked with other people in our community to bring resources like food and diapers to families who have been impacted like ours,” said Montaño, who believes that we all must rely on each other now more than ever. “I know we must all do our part and stay home as much as possible, but please reach out if you are in need, whether it be for resources for your family or for mental or emotional support.”

“At a time when so many people are losing their jobs, I’m grateful for our union that is fighting for us and checking in to see if we’re OK.” Orange County caregiver Toni Taloa is getting through these tough times knowing UDW protects IHSS for families like hers. “I’m grateful that my sister is alive and that I am able to care for her at home. Without IHSS, a lot more lives would be lost.“

“I’m thankful that my children and I are still safe and healthy, and to be part of a union that cares enough to provide care packages.”

Sarah Carter, a new IHSS provider in Merced County, picks up PPE from her local UDW office. COVID-19 has changed the way we all operate, and our union has learned to adapt: now providers like Sarah can attend our orientations and trainings online.