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UDWA News Post

UDW secures emergency victories for IHSS providers and our families

Caregivers are essential frontline workers, but we don’t always get the same attention as other medical professionals. That’s why our union responded immediately to the COVID-19 crisis, demanding the state of California take immediate, direct action to address the needs of the IHSS community.

And because our united voices give us power, the state listened.

Some of the things UDW won for IHSS providers:

  • PersonalProtectiveEquipment (PPE): UDW members made it clear that our number one need is masks, gloves, disinfectant and the other necessary supplies to keep us and our clients safe. When supplies at our UDW offices ran out, we negotiated and secured shipments for more—but we are still working hard to get more PPE across the state!
  • Temporary halt to times heet violations: We told the state this pandemic is going to make the hours we work for our clients unpredictable. They heard us, and announced there would be no timesheet violations through June 2020.
  • Up to two weeks of emergency paid sick leave: In this crisis we knew one day of sick leave would not be enough. IHSS providers now have access to paid emergency sick leave throughout this crisis.
  • Emergency provider backup system: We told the state that sick leave is meaningless if we don’t have anyone to care for our clients when we become sick or quarantined. They put resources into the backup system to make it easier and faster for people to sign up.
  • Unemployment Insurance for parent and spouse providers: Although we continue to make this change permanent, IHSS providers who care for a spouse or child will be eligible for unemployment insurance if they are unable to work due to COVID-19 through the end of 2020.

We continue to push for the protections we need to get us through this crisis, like hazard pay, protecting next year’s minimum wage increase, more hours for our clients, and a permanent expansion of Unemployment Insurance to parent and spouse providers. We get things done when we stand together and keep our union strong.

Stay updated on the latest COVID-19 updates at To get help applying for COVID-related sick leave or unemployment, call us at 1-800-621-5016.