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More members, more power!

Over a thousand child care providers joined UDW so far this year, making us stronger than ever

Family Child Care provider Debbie Cook and her kids at her daycare in Corona, CA

UDW represents over 110,000 IHSS providers in 21 counties up and down California and we are stronger than ever. Our strength comes not only from our numbers, but from the fact that, as caregivers, we know how to get things done and we lead from the heart.

In 2015, UDW’s home care providers opened our hearts, and our membership, to family child care providers, inviting them to join UDW and use our shared experiences as care providers to fight for a better future for ourselves and those we care for. Our child care members union is Child Care Providers United (CCPU-UDW) and it’s a partnership based on mutual respect and common goals.

This year, that partnership is gaining power as more and more providers are coming together to join our movement. We have a new governor, Gavin Newson, who has pledged $500 million to expand subsidized child care and invest in training and education for providers. And we have a movement that’s building more momentum every day.

In February, we embarked on an historic campaign to reach out to child care providers across the state—one of the largest organizing campaigns in the country—and we added thousands of family child care providers to our movement. Having conversations provider-to-provider, we are building our list of priorities for our child care members that are very similar to our IHSS member priorities: getting paid on time, protecting and expanding funding for our programs and, most importantly, raising the pay that care workers get so we can pay our bills and take care of our own families.

UDW Vice President Astrid Zuniga lobbies with members of UDW-CCPU at the Capitol.

New CCPU-UDW members say they joined to tap into the power that comes from joining our voices together.

“I joined the union because I want to fight for better wages and benefits, and because I want to feel like I’m part of something bigger than myself,” said Bridgette Moss, who joined CCPU-UDW when two members came to her door in February.

For Jacqueline Wisniewski, who became a member in March, union membership will help her be a leader for other providers in her community.

“I joined UDW to meet other child care providers like me who want to have a voice to make changes in public policy,” Said Jacqueline, “As a UDW member, I can represent the family child care providers in my county.”

UDW’s IHSS providers want to send a heartfelt message to our new child care members.

“Welcome to the UDW Family!” said Camilla Bradford, an IHSS provider who’s been a UDW member since 2014. “We are excited to stand with you in solidarity. We are one movement!”