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UDWA News Post

The President’s Report, Spring 2018

Dear Fellow IHSS Providers,

Preparing for conventions has been keeping us all very busy this quarter! Our UDW convention will be held June 6-9 in San Diego. The national AFSCME convention will be held July 16- 20 in Boston. We are sending 98 delegates to the UDW convention and 36 delegates to AFSCME. Conventions are an important time for union members; delegates vote on issues important to our union and take essential information to their home offices to share with the whole membership. I’m serving on a number of committees in preparation for the UDW convention. The date is fast approaching; I’m so excited and full of confidence working with my delegates to the success of the convention. I would like to thank each and every one of you who participated in the delegate elections for the UDW and AFSCME conventions!

This year marked the 50th anniversary of the assassination in Memphis of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. He was there to support striking sanitation workers who are now members of AFSCME. In April, I joined other UDW and AFSCME members in Memphis to commemorate both the strike and MLK’s assassination. It was a moving and inspirational time.

I attended a board meeting California American Retired Alliance (CARA). I currently serve as a Vice- President of the UDW chapter of CARA. We discussed Medicare/Medi-Cal protection actions taking place in May. I will be circulating a petition on the issue.

I attended the UDW legislative reception in Sacramento. Most of the elected leaders who attended are supporting IHSS workers and it’s important that they continue to hear from UDW caregivers as they make important decisions on the future of the program.

I attended UDW leadership academy graduations in Districts 2 and 4.

I attended the UDW Executive Board meeting on March 12. I’m also helping out the UDW Retiree Founding Foundation which will be held on June 10. I will be circulating the retiree membership card.

I have been traveling statewide for membership meetings. The last meeting I attended was the District 1 meeting in Escondido. I shared my experience of how to get involved with UDW and encouraged our members there to join the UDW councils.

I’d like to thank all the volunteers who helped with Food for Families, the monthly food distribution event I attended on April 27! I’d also like to put out the call for more volunteers to distribute food. We needed more that day–specifically Vietnamese speakers.  We distributed to 140 families. I was able to increase the funding to cover distribution to 200 families for next month. Please call our office at 1-800-621-5016 to find out more. Make sure that you get there early; it’s first come first serve. Our next distribution will be on Friday, June 22.

We will also have volunteer recognition happening at the Providers Appreciation day in November.

California’s primary election is June 5. You can find a list of UDW endorsed candidates here. We need to support the candidates that support IHSS and the issues that affect Californians like us. Don’t forget to vote! And it’s also a good time for you to contribute to PEOPLE program!

I was at the state capitol in April to support of Long-Term Services and Supports (LTSS)—which is a fancy way of saying the state’s plans for caring for seniors and people with disabilities. We and our allies are asking them to fund research into LTSS data so we can accurately plan for the future of long-term care. I was among the speakers at the successful hearing. I will keep you posted on the success of our LTSS data request.

Lastly, I approved a letter to send to you inviting you to join the second class of UDW’s leadership academy, a new program for members who are ready to take the next step and become leaders in our union. Members selected to the eight-week course were trained in public speaking, the history of UDW and the labor movement, and how caregivers can use legislation and politics to make positive change for ourselves and our clients.

As a member-led-union, we are caregivers helping caregivers. Having a program like the leadership academy allows us to build our strength from within and prepare to take a bigger role in helping our communities.

If you want to find out more about the upcoming leadership academy trainings, call our office at 1-800-621-5016.

Thank you,
Editha Adams
UDW Statewide President


President’s Report of Events, Actions and Participations 

Executive Board video conference, March 12

I facilitated our quarterly Executive Board meeting.

San Diego Leadership Academy graduation, March 17

I attended a graduation ceremony celebrating this wonderful achievement on the part of some of our member leaders.

B5 Foundation Culinary Arts Academy Dinner, March 17

I attended this dinner to support the great work of the program UDW helped start that gives real-world culinary training to community members who want to make a positive change in their lives.

Food for Families distribution event, March 23

I volunteered at this monthly event sponsored by UDW and the California Independent Providers Training Center (CAIPTC).

Santa Maria Leadership Academy graduation, March 27

I celebrated another class of our great member leaders.

Orange County Leadership Academy graduation, March 29

I attended this celebration of our Orange County member leaders’ achievement.

I AM 2018 event in Memphis, Tennessee, April 1-5

I joined other UDW and AFSCME members at this event which commemorated the 50th anniversary of Martin Luther King’s final days in Memphis as well as the strike by sanitation workers that he had gone there to support.

Toni Atkins swearing-in, San Diego, April 13

I represented UDW caregivers at the San Diego swearing-in of Sen. Toni Atkins as she became the first female California State Senate Leader.

CARA candidate forum, Vista, April 14

I attended this event sponsored by our allies at the California Alliance of Retired Americans (CARA) that gave seniors and people with disabilities the opportunity to meet candidates running for Congress.

Volunteer appreciation celebration, San Diego, April 19

I celebrated the contributions of our selfless volunteers who give so much of themselves.

Walk to Cure Arthritis, San Diego, April 28

I participated in this event sponsored by the Arthritis Foundation that raises funds for arthritis research, resources and a cure.

Long-Term Services and Support (LTSS) legislative hearing and advocacy day, Sacramento, April 30

I joined other UDW members and stakeholders from the long-term care community to speak to state legislators and let them know how important it is that they fund research which will help us plan for the future of long-term care.

Candidates forum, San Diego, May 2

I attended this forum to represent the interests of UDW caregivers, our clients, and families.

District Local and Membership meeting reports

District 1 – May 17 membership meeting, San Diego

District 2 – Invitation to Local Board meeting 4/16; invitation for Local Board meeting 5/15; district meeting on June 29

District 3 – Invitation for district membership meeting 6/28; attended district membership meeting in Palm Springs, March 13; attended the District membership meeting in Moreno Valley, March 22

District 4 – Invitation for membership meeting, May 16; invitation for Stanislaus membership meeting, May 18; attended Madera membership meeting March 19

District 5 – Invitation for District membership meeting May 18

District 6 – Invitation for BBQ and meeting on May 18, 31, June 22

District 8 – Attended the local board meeting on May 2; invitation for May 17 membership meeting

Recurring calls and meetings

Convention Committee – Every Tuesday

Convention Swag Committee – March 7 and March 12

Special Board conference call – March 7, March 21, April 13, April 23, May 1

UDW AFSCME retiree conference call – March 21 and May 2

Communication committee meeting – March 20