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UDWA News Post

The President’s Report, Spring 2017

Dear Fellow IHSS Providers,

We have had a busy few months! Together, we rallied against the Republican led assault on the Affordable Care Act. We made more than 3,000 calls to our local elected officials and helped take their replacement bill off the table. We haven’t stopped either! We have continued to call and keep the pressure on to ensure affordable health care is here to stay.

I ask you to stay vigilant and remain active in opposing these damaging changes to the health care system. Keep calling and keep encouraging your friends and family to call.

We have proved that when we are united, we can accomplish anything. We continue to fight attacks against IHSS and our union and come out stronger each and every time.

We have continued to call and keep the pressure on to ensure affordable health care and the IHSS program are here to stay. You can help by calling 1-855-912-7804 to be connected to your local lawmaker and let them know you want the Affordable Care Act to stay!

Thank you, caregivers!

Events and Actions

Scleroderma support group, April 1st

I attended a support group with UDW members and their clients who suffer from the rare disease. The group is organizing a walk to raise money and awareness on August 22nd.

UDW Political Council, April 8th

I attended a wonderful event led by Nicanora Montenegro with 40 – 50 other UDW members. I spoke briefly, welcoming members to the event and encouraging them to get involved and help support the council.

Advocacy for Clients, April 10th – 14th

Helping clients around the state better understand the process for getting paid for travel when taking their clients to doctor’s appointments or other errands.

Lobby Visit with Assemblymember Todd Gloria, April 15th

I asked for Assemblymember Gloria to support our Statewide Bargaining and be on the front line to lobby with us and to be the voice for home care providers. He was vocal in supporting Statewide Bargaining.

Make-A-Wish Foundation Volunteers Training, April 19th

I took part in training to help with the foundation’s April 22nd walk. UDW members and their clients who receive benefits from the organization took part in the event.


Executive Board Meeting, March 13th

We were updated on the statewide issues for the new IHSS home care workers contract, paystubs audits, District Chairperson meetings and events.

Statewide Bargaining Meeting San Diego, March 15th

This meeting was to prepare for upcoming lobby visits to legislative leaders of each district to push for statewide lobbying rights.

Arthritis Local Board Meeting, March 20th

This meeting was to update the board about upcoming events and fundraising.

Meeting with District 6 Placer County, March 22th

We discussed local Board goals with UDW and other actions against Freedom Foundation.

Meeting with District 4 Chairperson, March 24th

We discussed issues with the Local Board members to clarify the right of each member for leave of absence.

UDW Statewide town hall meeting, March 28th

The Tele-Town Hall and Facebook livestream where we had more than five thousand participants. The call was to strengthen the power of home care workers fighting for the IHSS program. We also held a live Q&A to help answer member’s questions.

Meeting with District 2, April 3rd

I met with the local Board Chairperson and members to update the movement of the UDW councils.

meeting with District 8 Local Board, April 7th

We discussed planning for the next membership meeting on May 18 discussed the ongoing preparation for the UDW council meetings.

Meeting with District 3 Chairperson, April 8th

Together with Executive Director Doug Moore, we discussed working together with the staff and continue to establish the UDW councils.

CARA/CAT Meeting, April 18th

We discussed all the legislative bills to lobby and action needs to get done in May. CARA/CAT San Diego want to thank all home care providers and UDW for continuing affiliated on fighting for ACA program.