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Equal Pay for Equal Work

UDW caregivers Noreen Woods, Victoria Lara, and Cheryl Sevier of San Diego discussing pay equality with state lawmakers.

Dignity for All campaign aims to bring equality to IHSS providers and clients across the state.

In Riverside County, Robin Edwards earns $11.50 per hour for providing around the clock care for her client Jason, who lives with chronic kidney disease. She prepares his meals, transports him to his weekly dialysis appointments, and helps him with everyday tasks around the house.

Rose Montaño performs similar tasks for her daughter Nicolette, who lives with hydrocephalus and cerebral palsy. But Rose makes less each day because she lives in San Diego County, which only pays providers $10.50 per hour.

“We’ve been waiting for a raise in Riverside County for 10 years. It’s time.” — 
Mieachia Cooper, UDW caregiver, Riverside County. 

We’re working to change this. Partnering with SEIU Local 2015, we are lobbying lawmakers to allow IHSS providers to negotiate pay and benefits with the State of California — instead of with 58 different counties. This is particularly important because earlier this year Governor Brown ended state-level bargaining for providers in 7 counties that were part of the failed Coordinated Care Initiative.“It doesn’t make sense that we make minimum wage, but providers in other counties are making $11, $12 and even $13 an hour,” said Michael Patterson, an IHSS provider in Tuolumne County who cares for his client living with a neuro-muscle disorder. “If everyone bargains with the state, we can earn the same amount for the quality care that we provide.”

Next steps: Join us in calling lawmakers in their districts and at the State Capital and asking them to support statewide bargaining. Call 1-855-912-7804 to be connected to your local lawmaker.