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Put PEOPLE First!We want: Quality care for our loved ones and clients. Decent wages for a hard day’s work. A fully-funded IHSS program.

Put People First is our campaign for better wages and benefits for UDW homecare workers across the state. And, while we have had many victories, we’re currently in fights in several counties across the state, where providers have not seen a raise in years.

“We won’t back down until homecare providers and clients get justice.” — Doug Moore, UDW Executive Director

Right now lawmakers in El Dorado County need to hear from youCall the El Dorado Board of Supervisors at 1-888-981-9704, and tell them to PUT PEOPLE FIRST by fully funding the IHSS program.

Then come to a Put People First action near you. Contact your local office or call us at 1-800-621-5016 to get involved.

Stand up for our families and clients – we won’t win without you!

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