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Will homecare be an option for Californians in the coming years – or will costly institutional care be the only choice?

Homecare matters to all of us. To those of us already providing in-home care to a loved one or neighbor, to those of us with a family member who is aging or has a disability, and to any of us who want a safety net in place should we suddenly experience a catastrophic illness or accident.

That’s why we work so hard together to preserve and improve the In-Home Supportive Services (IHSS) program.

Before IHSS and our union, caregivers made minimum wage and had few rights, benefits, or public recognition for the work we do. Today, we are united for respect, dignity, and power. Our voices are heard at the county level as well as in Sacramento and Washington DC. We have helped make California the most progressive state in the nation in providing compassionate and cost-effective care to our elderly and disabled population.

At the same time, we have formed a true community built on caring, compassion, inclusion, and sound economic policy. From winning collective bargaining rights and health care benefits to getting direct deposit for IHSS paychecks, we have secured many victories for homecare clients and providers.

But protecting IHSS and our rights isn’t easy. We have fought tooth and nail to stop the state from enacting drastic cuts to the program over the years. These cuts would have devastated our client’s lives, our jobs, and ended IHSS as we know it.

This is a community in action – join us to protect compassionate care!

Caregivers in Santa Barbara rally outside the county building, urging the Board of Supervisors to invest in IHSS.

Come to a meeting or action near you

Meet new friends, share information about caregiving, and unite with others to protect IHSS! UDW holds meetings, actions and rallies in every county so that care providers – as well as our clients and families – are able to be active in our own communities.

Your level of involvement is up to you. At meetings you can connect with other care providers in your neighborhood and learn how we work together to protect our jobs and our clients. We get our voices heard at County Board of Supervisor offices, and we network with local business, worker and spiritual organizations in every district.

Contact your local UDW office to get involved and make a difference for homecare providers, our clients and our families.

Volunteer Member Organizers phone-bank in Stanislaus County.
Volunteer Member Organizers phone-bank in Stanislaus County.

Become a Volunteer Member Organizer

Volunteer Member Organizers (VMOs) work with UDW on many levels to build strong local networks. When we hold a meeting or event, we ask our fellow home care workers to help spread the word to other providers and their families. Additionally, VMOs phone bank and/or go door-to-door to talk to other homecare providers and keep them informed about critical issues impacting the IHSS program. VMOs are also invited to help prepare and facilitate meetings and workshops. It is a great way to connect with people who care, learn about important issues, and have fun while helping others.

Contact your local UDW office if you are interested in becoming a Volunteer Member Organizer.