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PEOPLE makes a difference in our lives.

Become a PEOPLE MVP by donating only $2 a week! Contact your local office to sign up.

What is PEOPLE? It’s our political action fund, funded entirely by donations from caregivers. An MVP is someone who has gone the extra mile by donating $2 per week.

PEOPLE is how we protect our families, our clients, and the IHSS program. It’s our voice to stop cuts to care for seniors and people with disabilities. We need a strong PEOPLE program to elect leaders who will stand up for our families and home care; the PEOPLE program is an essential part of keeping caregivers politically strong to protect IHSS and homecare.

Stand up for our family members and clients by donating to PEOPLE today!

Without PEOPLE, the IHSS program as we know it would not exist today. We stopped politicians from cutting IHSS hours by 20%, eliminating pay for family and in-home caregivers, eliminating IHSS hours for bathing and grooming, and more.

PEOPLE has also helped us win improvements for caregivers, including a three year struggle to get direct deposit for IHSS paychecks. Thanks to PEOPLE, we have won raises and health benefits for caregivers, and stopped politicians from slashing our pay to minimum wage.

“Together through PEOPLE, we have saved the IHSS program and made life better for homecare providers and clients.”

– Editha Adams, Caregiver and UDW president, San Diego County

“We need to stand together and build relationships with the people who make decisions about our lives and the lives of people we serve. PEOPLE is how we do that.”

– Vibiana Saavedra, Caregiver, Santa Barbara County