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Women in Politics and Child Care – Mujeres en la Política y el Cuidado Infantil

Women in Politics and Child Care

The participation of women in politics is necessary to make public policies work for working mothers. Women within the childcare industry should be celebrated during Women’s History month for their strength and legislative power.  Throughout time women have continued to make important strides in various industries that further the betterment of humanity.  Child Care Providers United, represents 45,000 family child care providers 97% of whom are women, and the majority women of color.  CCPU as an  organization is a great way to celebrate the overall remarkability in Women’s History Month in the child care industry.

Women in the child care industry have carried a torch of resiliency, care, and love of early education.  This has influenced the political landscape and reshaped the working family agenda. Many women across the US and California are embodying roles as caregivers, mother’s, history makers, educators, and lawmakers in the most profound ways.

On March 20, 2023, I interviewed Miren Algorri, a Family Licensed Child Care provider in San Diego County. Miren was delighted to share her experiences as a parent, expert in the child care industry, and the importance of supporting children’s needs. As a licensed child care provider, she believes in “helping families that may be underrepresented due to immigration status, ethnic background, and income status in California.” As a CCPU member, Algorri and other child care providers are bargaining at the state level to win higher wages, additional slots, and dignity for child care workers.

 To Miren, Women’s History Month is a multifaceted way of “understanding trailblazers and changemakes in legislation including Ida B. Wells, Dolores Huerta, and Kamala Harris.” Miren went on to say, key themes of equity, and accessible child care services remain their priority. Her work at Child Care Providers United continues to solidify great strides for women of color and other Californian child care providers.