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Vote Yes for Child Care Providers United!

As you know, earlier this year our union, CCPU, handed more than 10,000 petitions into California state officials declaring our intention of uniting child care workers into a powerful force that will forever change the landscape of child care and early childhood education in our great state.

Well, I have some amazing news! It’s almost time to Vote YES and make our union official. In the coming weeks, you will be receiving your official CCPU ballot in the mail!

This is yet another historic moment in a campaign full of historic moments. Take a second and appreciate all the hard work you have done to help get us here.

Once your ballot arrives in a few weeks, be sure to promptly, and correctly fill it out and send it back in. We need your vote to make our union official and ensure we have a seat at the table in Sacramento when it comes to improving our wages, benefits, and the care we are able to provide our families.

If you’re unsure about your vote, let me remind you how important CCPU has been.

Here’s just a few things we have won recently during the COVID-19 pandemic:

  • Stopped evictions, and slow foreclosures ensuring providers would not lose their homes during such uncertain times.
  • Ensured the state subsidy system would continue to pay child care providers who remained open regardless of child attendance through the end of June.
  • Increased staff to child rations. Hiring guidelines and other licensing rules have been relaxed temporarily.

CCPU has also been working in various counties around the state securing money for additional supplies and protective gear for providers, ensuring we have everything they need to keep our facilities clean and safe for our families and the families we care for.

And our union is not done! But we need you to Vote YES and make sure we win this election, and showing lawmakers we are a strong, united force.

Have you signed our pledge to Vote YES? If not, simply add your name to the list of providers pledging to Vote YES when their ballot arrives.