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Vote NO on the recall!

Recalling Governor Newsom could lead to IHSS cuts and endanger us and those we care for

We’ve won important victories for IHSS caregivers and family child care providers in the last two years, and many of those victories would not have happened if we did not have a governor who supports UDW members and the work we do. Before he was even elected, Governor Gavin Newsom met with our members many times to find out what was important to us. As governor, he became the strongest advocate this union has ever had.

Because he is such a strong advocate of our union, recalling Gov. Newsom could reverse some of our most important victories and lead to cuts to the programs that pay our wages.

But because recall elections are confusing and the internet right now is filled with conspiracies and lies, Gov. Newsom is in real danger of being recalled even though the majority of Californians don’t want it. He could be recalled even if millions more voters choose him over any challenger in the recall. That’s why it’s so important that you vote NO on the recall!

Here’s what UDW members could face if Gov. Newsom is recalled:

  • Cuts to IHSS Hours: The last recall election brought, among other things, a 20% across the board cut to IHSS hours. A 7% cut to IHSS hours remained on the books until Newsom permanently restored it this year. We can expect drastic cuts to important programs like IHSS if Newsom is recalled.
  • IHSS attacks: The last recall also brought other attacks o IHSS such as an attempt to eliminate all family members as providers, eliminate all clients except those with the most limited functional index ranking and cut funding to the Public Authorities in half. There was even a proposal to cut the IHSS program altogether.
  • Threats to CCPU: Multiple governors, Democrat and Republican, vetoed collective bargaining rights for family child care providers. Gov. Newsom signed union rights for child care providers into law the first time the bill passed his desk. As we celebrate our CCPU members historic contract this year, we must remember that it would not have been possible under other governors.

Let’s be clear—a lot of what you are hearing and seeing on the internet about the recall is just not true. This election isn’t about whether or not you like Governor Newsom or how you feel about masks and vaccines. it’s about whether or not you want to take everything we have won as a union and throw it away.  If Governor Newsom is recalled, we will go back to the days of fighting cuts to IHSS and fighting to be paid AT ALL, much less geting the raises providers deserve.

Unlike everyone running viably against him in the recall, Governor Gavin Newsom is a strong supporter of IHSS and family child care providers. Recalling the governor will hurt caregivers, child care providers and the people we serve. Our programs will be cut and we will be paid less. It’s that simple.

Here’s how to fight this dangerous recall:

  • Look for your ballot in the mail: Vote “NO” on the first question (the recall) and leave the second question blank. Then return your ballot by September 14.
  • Register to vote: You have until August 30 to register to vote in this special election. If you’re not registered, click here.
  • Talk to your friends and family: Let them know how important this election is and make sure they vote.
  • Stay connected: Call your local UDW office or our Member Benefits Center at 1-800-621-5016 to find out what your fellow UDW members are doing to fight the recall.

We have every reason to believe that, if Gavin Newsom is recalled, our livelihoods and the well being of those we care for would be in immediate danger. Don’t tune out this election. Everything we have achieved as a union so far—and everything we hope to achieve in the future—is at stake.