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Victory: UDW negotiates with state to drop February timesheet violations

 Timesheet violations are a hassle and they can be scary—no one wants to be suspended or fired as a provider because they wrote down the wrong number on their timesheet.

Because February was a short month, a lot of us got violations. But the good news is that having a union like UDW on your side can make a big difference when it comes to timesheet violations. UDW went to bat for IHSS providers with the state, arguing that it wasn’t fair for so many hardworking caregivers to get violations. Thanks to pressure from the union, the state agreed to drop all violation charges in February for providers who take care of just one client.

Make sure to avoid future violations by knowing how they happen.

You can receive a violation if:

  • You worked more than 40 hours in a workweek for a recipient if that recipient is authorized for less than 40 hours in a workweek
  • You worked more than your recipients’ maximum weekly hours and it resulted in you working more overtime than you are authorized to work that month
  • You worked for more than one recipient and you worked more than 66 hours in a workweek
  • Your claimed more than seven hours of travel time in a workweek

Remember, you are not in this alone! As a UDW member, you can get FREE help filling out your timesheets and handling timesheet violations. If you receive a violation in the future, or if you just need assistance filling out your timesheet, call your local office or our Member Benefits Center at 1-800-621-5016. Your fellow union members are here to help.

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