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UDW caregivers in San Diego win much-needed raise in new agreement with the County

On Friday morning members of the UDW bargaining team reached a Tentative Agreement with the San Diego County Board of Supervisors. The agreement, which still needs to be approved by union members, includes a much-needed wage increase for those who provide care through the state’s In-Home Supportive Services program (IHSS), and enough money to effectively eliminate the county waiting list for health insurance and lower all Kaiser premiums to just $30/month.

“We’re excited,” said bargaining team member and UDW President Editha Adams, who cares for her teenaged daughter who lives with chronic lung disease and systematic scleroderma. “This will make a huge impact in the lives of home care providers and our families. I couldn’t wait to tell my family – we have been waiting for good news like this for so long.”

If the agreement is ratified by UDW members, IHSS providers in San Diego will see a total $1 per hour wage increase starting January 1, 2018 – thanks in part to the hard work UDW caregivers put in to pass the statewide minimum wage increase in 2016, and our work this year to negotiate a state budget deal that would make it easier for counties to invest more money in home care wages.

“We are incredibly proud of the caregivers that make up the San Diego bargaining team, and all of our members here in San Diego County,” said UDW Executive Director Doug Moore. “UDW caregivers work tirelessly every day to protect California’s home care program, and to care for San Diego’s seniors and people with disabilities so that they can live at home with dignity.”

The agreement includes increases every year until 2022, when IHSS provider wages will be bumped up to $15.50/hour.

“We are thankful to the County Board of Supervisors,” Adams added. “Home care is so vital to our community, and this investment shows that our elected leaders understand that.”

UDW will be in bargaining for new contracts with 17 other California counties throughout the rest of the year.

“This victory will guide us as we fight for much-needed wage increases in our other counties,” added Moore.