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Statement from the UDW Executive Board calling for an immediate ceasefire in Palestine

UDW members are calling for an immediate and permanent ceasefire in Israel-Palestine. We condemn the United States’ continued support of a war that has killed more than 25,000 Palestinians and 1,100 Israelis and displaced nearly 2 million people in Gaza, and we stand against the rising Islamophobia we are witnessing in our own country as the impact of this violence reaches our communities and loved ones.  

We are also calling for the immediate and unconditional entry of humanitarian aid to Gaza, as more than 70% of all hospitals have been destroyed, leaving just 9 hospitals to care for over 62,000 wounded Palestinians and countless more who are ill due to famine and disease.

We mourn the innocent lives lost, and especially hold dear in our hearts the children, elders, and people with disabilities who have died in Gaza and Israel.

We believe in a world where everyone has what they need to thrive and a place to call home. We hope for a resolution in this region that honors the intrinsic dignity and respect that every human being deserves, because we know that the unthinkable becomes acceptable when we deny people their humanity.

We call on our elected leaders at all levels to do everything in their power to demand and facilitate an immediate and permanent ceasefire, including refraining from sending weapons to the Israeli government, and an immediate release of all hostages. We also call on our elected leaders to demand and facilitate the immediate and unconditional entry of humanitarian aid to Gaza. With millions of Palestinians now facing starvation and famine, the entry of humanitarian aid is critical.

We must bring this violence to an end before even more lives are lost.