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May 2017 IHSS News

Urgent: IHSS still at risk
Earlier this month, the U.S. House of Representatives voted to repeal the Affordable Care Act and cut Medicaid and IHSS by $400 million. And President Trump’s budget proposal includes hundreds of millions of dollars in additional cuts to Medicaid/IHSS. Call President Trump at 1-855-912-7804 TODAY and tell him: Don’t cut Medicaid.

Electronic timesheets for IHSS
The state has delayed the roll out of electronic timesheets for IHSS, which is currently a pilot program in Riverside, Sacramento, and Yolo Counties. We will continue to keep you posted about the electronic timesheet system as it is launched statewide.

Update on collective bargaining for IHSS providers
Last week Governor Brown announced his revised 2017-18 budget for California, which would allow CA counties to pay IHSS providers $1.10 over the state’s minimum wage. This is a step towards winning better wages and benefits for all IHSS providers, and while we will not get state-level collective bargaining this year, UDW remains committed to the fight for equal pay for equal work.

Dental benefits for UDW members
Get coverage for as low as $18/month ($50 for the whole family), and enjoy low copayments, no deductibles or waiting periods, orthodontic coverage, and a quality network of local dental offices. Want to learn more? Call 1-877-890-7023 or visit

Caregivers unify around a Care Agenda
In May, caregivers from across the state met in Los Angeles to create the Care Agenda, a platform outlining what the future should look like to improve care for seniors and people with disabilities. The platform calls for long-term care that is affordable and accessible for all those who need it. Read more.