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How to get involved with your union

A union is only as strong as its members. Every victory we achieve is made possible by the passion and drive that members like you bring to every rally, march, and phone call. That’s why it’s so important that all our members—IHSS providers and family child care providers alike—get involved: so that we can build power and create transformative change together.

But there is more than one way to get involved. From volunteering at local food drives to participating in contract negotiations and giving testimony before Congress, UDW has opportunities for members interested in participating at all levels.

Not sure where to start? Here’s how:

Opportunities for IHSS and family child care providers:

  1. Volunteer at your local office
    From setting up and leading local food, diaper, or PPE distributions, to making phone calls to other members—your local office can use your help!

    If you are an IHSS provider, call your local office to see how you can get involved in upcoming events. Find your local office here.

    If you are a family child care provider, call 888-226-7510 to learn how you can get involved in upcoming events.

  2. Share your story!
    Your personal experiences are the power behind every UDW victory. Your stories center the importance of caregivers and family child care providers while also helping us bargain for better benefits, better pay, and better lives for providers and our communities.

    If you are an IHSS provider, share your story here.

    If you are a family child care provider, share your story here.

Opportunities for IHSS providers

  1. Join your local bargaining team
    Our work is vital and worthy of a wage that reflects our value to our communities. By working together, we can win the dignity and respect we deserve and the wage and benefit increases we need. You can join your local bargaining team to make these much-needed changes happen by calling 800-621-5016.

    Bargaining team members speak at local Board of Supervisor meetings, meet to discuss proposed wages and benefits, and communicate updates to other local providers to keep them informed.

  2. Join one of your local councils
    Join your local councils to sharpen your leadership skills, connect with other UDW members, and grow our union’s network and impact.
  • Health & Welfare Council
    • Find local resources to help members with rent, utilities, and social services 
    • Develop programs like food banks and diaper distributions to help members and their families

  • Civil & Human Rights Council
    • Learn about important social justice initiatives and building equitable communities
    • Find and partner with social justice organizations that align with UDW’s values 
    • Develop programs to educate UDW members about social justice and making social change 

  • Political Council
    • Conduct voter registration drives 
    • Participate in lobby visits and testify before state and local boards or committees 
    • Rally UDW members for local and national elections

  • Communications Council
    • Learn how to share your story and speak persuasively
    • Learn basic graphic design, photography, and other communications skills
    • Help keep UDW’s social media and website updated

Visit or call your local office to indicate your interest in joining a council.

Getting started is only a few clicks or phone call away! Join the movement and take a stand for a better tomorrow. Along the way you’ll learn new skills, build stronger connections, amplify your voice and see the life-changing power of getting involved in your union.