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UDWA News Post

District 3 County Representative

Cassandra Sambrano
District 3 County Representative

I provide care for my brother Brian who lives with autism. I became more active in our union by volunteering in my local UDW office. By volunteering, I learned about the major issues we work on as a union. I saw fellow caregivers helping other IHSS providers navigate the program and understand our UDW benefits, and organize new members to grow our union. I was inspired! I became a TEO and joined my local Advocacy Council. We did our advocacy classes in the desert, so that members weren’t forced to drive to Riverside every time they need help. The more active I get in UDW, the more inspired I become.

I know we have to continue working together. We have to keep lobbying our lawmakers in Sacramento. Telling our stories gets their attention, and helps them understand IHSS and home care providers. So far, my proudest moments as a UDW member have been joining together with providers from Riverside as well as San Diego County to negotiate a new IHSS contract with the state. I believe that our ability to bargain with the state will be a major part of ensuring all providers are paid fairly.