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UDWA News Post

UDW statement on SB 562 and universal health care

July 6, 2017

As in-home caregivers for seniors and people with disabilities, UDW strongly supports building a universal health care system that would provide coverage for all. To that end, we fully support the concept behind SB 562, the bill to implement a single payer system in California.

However, we must proceed carefully to craft the best health care solution for our state. Considering the very real federal threat to dismantle affordable health care and Medicaid, any state legislation of this magnitude must be scrutinized for its potential impacts, including impacts to the state’s in-home supportive services program (IHSS) which serves over a million caregivers and clients.

For that reason, UDW supports Speaker Anthony Rendon’s decision to hold SB 562 until this important legislation is fully-formed and vetted.

Our members are deeply invested in working toward universal health care and more efficient delivery systems like single payer. Despite providing lifesaving care every day, many caregivers do not themselves have health coverage and are unable to pay for necessary treatments, medications or preventive care. That those who provide essential care would find their own medical needs unmet is a deep injustice; health care—including in-home care–is a human right.

This is a critical moment in the state of our health care system, and we encourage Speaker Rendon and lawmakers to seize this opportunity to address the health care needs of Californians.

California can and should continue to lead the nation in providing care to its citizens. UDW will continue to work alongside state lawmakers until universal health care is realized.


United Domestic Workers of America (UDW)/AFSCME Local 3930 is a homecare union made up of nearly 94,000 in-home caregivers across the state of California. UDW caregivers provide care through the state’s In-Home Supportive Services program (IHSS), which allows hundreds of thousands of seniors and people with disabilities to stay safe and healthy at home.