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Statement on the appointment of Laphonza Butler to U.S. Senate

SAN DIEGO – UDW Executive Director Doug Moore released the following statement on the appointment of Laphonza Butler to U.S. Senate:
“Laphonza and I first met at the March for California’s Future over a decade ago. Our two unions came together time and again to fight for home care workers in California and the seniors and people with disabilities they serve. From winning the statewide $15 minimum wage, to protecting caregiver rights and fighting back against cuts to our programs, we developed a mutual respect and trust that lasts to this day.
Governor Newsom’s appointment of Laphonza to the U.S. Senate, while a surprise to some, is an excellent choice, and I am confident she will excel in this new role. She is thoughtful, strategic, and empathetic—rare qualities that are not only admirable but essential to the complex landscape of today’s challenges.
With Laphonza’s commitment to working people and her dedication to creating a more just and equitable society, I have no doubt that she will make a positive impact in the Senate. Congratulations, Laphonza, and best wishes for a successful tenure in the United States Senate.”