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Honoring the Legacy of Ms. Terry Walker-Dampier

UDW member and activist Ms. Terry Walker-Dampier passed away earlier this month after a long battle with cancer. A UDW member and activist for more than two decades, Ms. Terry was loved by all who knew her, and will be sorely missed.

Fellow caregiver and UDW member Corie Crowson, District 4 Chair, knew and loved her well. “Ms. Terry was an amazing woman who was always there for me,” Corie says. “God gives his toughest battles to his strongest warriors and Ms. Terry definitely fought until her last breath.”

Ms. Terry’s legacy as a caregiver, community leader, and caring friend will not be forgotten. She stood up for what she believed in, speaking out and sharing her story in testimony to legislators at the Capitol in Sacramento and beyond. She traveled with her fellow UDW members across the country, participating in rallies and marches, conventions, and conferences. Her commitment to her union and our mission was undeniable.

“She loved her union,” said friend and fellow caregiver Astrid Zuniga, UDW’s Vice President. “Even on her most painful days she would come out and help out at the IHSS orientations, membership meetings, or board of supervisors meetings, and even after she no longer worked as an IHSS provider, she would volunteer at the office and at events.”

Ms. Terry held the rare honor of being a double-member of UDW—both as an IHSS provider and as a family child care provider, extending her exceptional care to her own grandchildren from her home. She juggled both roles for many years, while never missing a beat and continuing her participation in local bargaining efforts, statewide campaigns, and local community projects. And she did it all with genuine love and dedication. Even after her diagnosis, Ms. Terry continued to provide for those in her care.

“Terry Walker was UDW through and through,” said UDW Executive Director Doug Moore. “She greeted each and every person she met with love, and gave her all to UDW. For that we will be forever grateful.” “Terry is an amazing woman who helped and fought for other women and families in need,” added UDW Assistant Director Johanna Hester. “She will be greatly missed not just as a union activist and leader, but as a friend.”

Ms. Terry was known for making everyone in her presence feel loved, nurtured, supported, and guided. Anytime she saw someone in need, she would do her very best to extend a helping hand. It is that love, compassion, and dedication that will be her legacy—here at UDW, in her communities, and beyond. We miss you, Terry, and we hope to honor your memory as we continue our journey towards justice. Rest in power.