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With our union, the future is in our hands – UDW and CCPU-UDW help us fight for care and a better life for our families

To my union family:

Did you know UDW is bigger and more powerful now than we’ve ever been before? It’s true! Despite the hardships of 2020, we’ve added members and increased our influence throughout the state. Last summer, we added family child care providers in 39 counties to our union family. UDW and CCPU-UDW now represents over 140,000 care providers in California. More members equal more power!

What does this mean for you? It means a future with more pay and better access to health care, more member benefits, and more respect for the important lifesaving work we do.

Since we founded our union four decades ago, we have worked to protect IHSS and make life better for working families like ours. Together, we have saved the IHSS program and stopped politicians when they tried to cut IHSS hours or our pay. We also helped raise the minimum wage and push for successful changes that promoted equality and justice for every Californian.

But we are just getting started. With our new member power, we are going to keep going until we, along with our clients, families and communities, have everything we need to prosper and enjoy life in California. Statewide contract bargaining for IHSS providers, health care for everyone, affordable, high-quality child care for all, real reforms to IHSS and long-term care: all of it is in our reach. But we need you to stay involved! Make sure your membership is up to date and stay tuned for all the exciting things we are going to accomplish together.

In solidarity,
Editha Adams
IHSS Provider and UDW Statewide President