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UDWA News Post

President’s Report, Fall 2016

Dear Fellow IHSS Providers,

November is Provider Appreciation Month, and this year UDW is thanking caregivers. As we enter the final months of 2016, we can start to look back at all we’ve accomplished together. In the last few months, we helped pass laws that will help keep people with developmental disabilities safer in our communities. And we also sponsored legislation to help win Social Security, unemployment, and other benefits for IHSS providers who care for their spouse or child. And although the governor vetoed our bill, we were able to educate the public and our elected leaders about the injustice.

Our tireless advocacy on behalf of seniors and people with disabilities is why UDW is saying thank you to home care providers this month and beyond. Not only do we keep our clients safe and healthy, but we also stand up for them, the home care program, and our families.

I encourage all providers to attend a Provider Appreciation Month event near you. Click here for more information. And if you don’t hear it enough: Thank you, caregivers!

Events and Actions

San Diego 5K Walk and Family Fun Day – Stepping Out to Cure Scleroderma, August 20th

I volunteered at the walk’s registration booth. My daughter Ellis who is also my IHSS client and lives with Scleroderma helped fundraise and advocate for people with the condition.

Outlaws football game, August 27th

I attended the Outlaws football game. The Pop Warner team is sponsored by UDW. They won the game, and are heading to the championship. You can find the team’s trophies on display at UDW headquarters in San Diego.

Local 1 meet-and-greet with AFSCME President Lee Saunders, August 29th

Local 1 is voting on whether to affiliate with AFSCME. Home care workers attended the event to welcome workers, introduce them to UDW, and show them what it means to be AFSCME strong.

California Alliance for Retired Americans (CARA) event, September 20th

I attended a CARA event in San Diego where Assemblywoman Dr. Shirley Weber was the guest speaker. About 50 people attended this event, and we discussed pending legislation and propositions that will be on the ballot on election day.

Adulthood transition symposium, October 1st

The event was sponsored by California Children’s Services. There was information about MediCal and programs for children with special needs who are transitioning to adulthood.

Asian Americans Advancing Justice 33rd anniversary dinner, October 6th

The event was attended by over 1,000 elected leaders and community groups. It was a great event and great to learn more about the strength and power of Asia Americans in Los Angeles.

Scleroderma Education Day, October 8th

I attended the event with other UDW members, and learned more about the impact Scleroderma has on people with the condition and their families. There is no cure for Scleroderma, but the USCD medical research center is reaching out to fund research and studies.

NAACP award night, October 15th

I attended the event with fellow UDW caregivers where UDW’s own Johanna Hester was honored.

Justice in the Home: Domestic Work Past, Present, and Future conference, October 16th – 18th

I attended the conference, which was sponsored by the National Domestic Workers Alliance and the Barnard Center for Research on Women. I participated in workshops, and shared information about our work to build a movement of home care workers in California.


AFSCME/UDW Retiree meeting, August 10th

The meeting was led by Placer County Chair William Reed to discuss a retirement plan for home care workers, and to organize the needs and benefits of retirees.

District 8 – Imperial County membership meeting, August 18th

I gave my report to the members in attendance. I told them that providers in San Diego went to the San Diego City Treasurer’s office to file a wage theft complaint, because providers in the city of San Diego are being paid less than minimum wage.

Meeting with UDW chapter chairs and staff, August 26th

We discussed and planned upcoming County Representative elections in Districts 4 and 6. Elections will be held at membership meetings in December. UDW members should contact the local offices for more information.

Trustee conference call with San Diego, Riverside and Orange County, August 29th

We discussed the renewal of our current insurance carrier in San Diego, Riverside, and Orange counties. It was recommended that we stay with Kaiser to keep the premiums and co-pays for doctor visits and lower, and to keep the same doctor.

District 4 picnic and meeting, September 10th

The picnic/meeting was held in Merced. Home care workers ate good food, played games, and shared stories.

Executive Board video conference, September 21st

Reports were given by the statewide officers, UDW executive director, and UDW regional coordinator. We discuss the upcoming training of the staff and Board in 2017, and approved next year’s budget.

Meeting with District 5, September 27th

Met via video conference with the District 5 local board to reestablish UDW Advisory Councils. The District 5 Chair will provide monthly progress updates.

Meeting with District 2, September 29th

I met with the local board of UDW District 2. We made preparations to reestablish the UDW Advisory Councils of Health and Welfare, Political, Civil and Human Rights, Advocacy and Coalition Building. The councils will be presented to UDW members at the next membership meeting.

Meeting with District 3, September 30th

Met with the local board of UDW District 3. We prepared to reestablish the Health and Welfare, Political, Civil and Human Rights, Advocacy and Coalition Building Advisory Councils, which will be presented to members at the next UDW membership meeting.

Arthritis Foundation board meeting, October 13th

We planned the upcoming Jingle Bell Run and Walk in December. My daughter Ellis and I shared stories about how we get involved with the foundation. Next year, Ellis will be the young adult honoree.