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UDW wins COVID-19 Supplemental Paid Sick Leave!

Thanks to our union’s strong voice at the State Capitol, COVID-19 supplemental paid sick time has been restored for Californians, including IHSS providers, retroactive to January 1, 2022, and up to September 30, 2022. COVID sick pay gives us peace of mind and allows us to focus on staying healthy and not worrying about putting food on the table or covering bills if we do become sick. Members like you made this happen!

Here is what you need to know about how the extension of COVID-19 sick leave impacts you:

Who can apply for COVID-19 paid sick leave?

If you are an IHSS provider, you can apply for the COVID-19 sick leave if one of the following criteria applies to you:

  1. You are subject to a quarantine or isolation period related to COVID-19
  2. You have been advised by a health care provider to quarantine due to COVID-19
  3. You are attending an appointment for yourself or a family member to receive your COVID-19 vaccine/booster or are experiencing vaccination side effects
  4. You are experiencing symptoms of COVID-19 and seeking a medical diagnosis
  5. You are caring for an individual who is subject to a quarantine or isolation order or has been advised to self-quarantine by a health care provider
  6. You are caring for a child whose primary place of care is unavailable due to COVID-19

How much COVID-19 paid sick leave can you claim?

  • Full-time providers (40 hours or more per week) are entitled to 40 hours of paid sick leave and an additional 40 hours if certain requirements are met (see below)
  • Part-time providers are allowed up to a maximum of 40 hours, calculated as follows:
    • If you have a set schedule, you may receive the total number of hours you would be scheduled over one week
    • If your hours are variable, you may receive seven times the average number of hours you worked each day for the six months preceding the date you took COVID-19 supplemental paid sick leave. If you have worked over seven days but less than six months, the hours will be calculated over the entire period have worked
    • If your hours are variable but you have worked for a period of seven days or fewer, you may receive the total number of hours you have worked

How do you apply for COVID-19 sick pay?
COVID-19 supplemental paid sick leave is available for immediate use. Inform your client right away that you need to take sick leave and submit a sick leave claim to the county. You must complete the form TEMP 3021 (4/21), which requires both provider and recipient information, as well as claim dates, and the reason for claiming sick time.

  • We will update this page with the form as soon as it is made available.