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Trump touts affordable childcare plans

Mallory Shelbourne, The Hill, March 29

The Trump administration will work to make affordable childcare available for more families, President Trump said Wednesday during a speech at a women’s empowerment panel at the White House.

“My administration will work every day to ensure that our economy is a place where women can work, succeed and thrive like never before,” Trump said.

“That includes fighting to make sure that all mothers, and all families, have access to affordable childcare,” he added, to cheers from the crowd.

“We want every daughter in America to grow up in a country where she can believe in herself, believe in her future, and follow her heart and realize her dreams,” Trump said during the Wednesday speech.

Trump’s older daughter, Ivanka Trump, who is assuming an official role in the White House, reportedly advocated for the president to discuss paid family leave during his Feb. 28 address to Congress.

The first daughter also reportedly began phoning lawmakers in December to discuss legislation on child care. Trump, during the presidential campaign, introduced a policy proposal for child care that included tax reform enabling working families to deduct the costs of child care.

The president and first lady Melania Trump appeared at the panel together, with Melania Trump also made remarks.

Trump noted his wife’s poll numbers during his speech, after a CNN poll released earlier this month found the first lady’s favorability rating is up 16 points since the inauguration.

“She is doing some great job. In fact, I shouldn’t say this but her poll numbers went through the roof last week,” Trump said. “What was that all about? Through the roof.”

The president also joked about famous suffragette Susan B. Anthony, asking the crowd if it had heard of the women’s rights icon.

“And we’ve had leaders like Susan B. Anthony. Have you heard of Susan B. Anthony?” he asked. “I’m shocked you’ve heard of Susan B. Anthony.”