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What We’re Fighting for in 2024

As we embark on a new year, we are excited to build upon our 2023 victories by working to make statewide bargaining a reality for home care providers and winning true rate reform for our child care members.

For IHSS providers, we’ll be advocating to increase the state’s fiscal contribution to our IHSS contracts, further incentivizing counties to bargain with us for dollars and not just cents. We’re also calling for an expansion of the IHSS Career Pathways Program, so that more IHSS providers can get paid to take career-advancing trainings. Since the cost of criminal background checks are increasing, we’re urging the state to cover these fees for new providers—something they already do for all other state employees. And, of course, we’ll be working with the state on a rollout plan for statewide bargaining so that 600,000 IHSS providers across California can bargain for fair wages and better benefits together!

For child care workers, we’re fighting to continue increasing child care slots statewide, as well as hold Governor Newsom to his promise of true cost-of-care reimbursement rate reform, so that we are paid an amount that reflects what it actually costs to care for and educate a child.

We are excited to champion these priorities across the state in 2024, and we hope you can join us as we take action to make this possible! Contact your local office today to find out how you can get involved.