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Person wearing a green shirt that says "Fighting for workers and our communities" in front of the capitol dome building

Letter From UDW President

Dear fellow UDW members, 

As a union made up of a majority of women and people of color, we know that our contributions to society have often been undervalued and obscured by history, even within the labor movement.

That’s why May, Labor History Month, holds a much deeper and special connection to our union and our struggles as a workforce. 

Our union was born out of the farm workers movement in California, as Cesar Chavez and fellow leaders noticed the great need for home care workers to organize. They planted seeds of change and invested in leaders so that our union could blossom—and none of it would have been possible if farm workers and home care workers had not stood shoulder to shoulder in solidarity.  

Our unity and collaboration with unions across the world has helped our work come out of the shadows, not only making our work more visible to other workforces but emphasizing its importance in our communities and within the labor movement itself. 

As we celebrate the roots of the labor movement, let’s remember to celebrate our own gains and continue to stand united, advocating for fair wages, better working conditions, and the respect our work deserves.  

In solidarity,  

Astrid Zuniga  

IHSS Provider and UDW Statewide President