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Our Union, Our Victories, Our Benefits

In this issue we’re celebrating some of the member benefits, legislative wins, and collaborative partnerships our union has undertaken to create resources and tools for UDW members so that we can all thrive. Read on to learn more about how you can take advantage of our union’s many victories and benefits for care providers.

For IHSS Providers
IHSS Advocacy
Some organizations charge IHSS providers upwards of $15,000 to help us fight for more IHSS hours. But as UDW members we can get help for free! We can take timesheet trainings to learn how to fill out our timesheets and avoid penalties, and attend advocacy workshops so that we can help our clients get the hours of care they need. To get started, call your local UDW office.
“I feel more at peace knowing I have UDW fighting for me and always on my side when I have questions or need help with paperwork. With UDW’s help I was able to secure over $46,000 in backpay and it’s helped me feel more financially secure and less stressed.”
— Ana Funes, IHSS provider, Orange County

NEW! Paid Sick Leave for IHSS providers
This fall Governor Newsom signed SB 616 which expands paid sick leave for most workers, including IHSS providers, from three days to five. Our union fought hard to ensure that IHSS providers were included in the expansion, and our new sick days begin accruing Jan. 1.

“This bill will give IHSS providers the time to take care of their client AND take care of themselves, because the truth is you can’t do one without the other.” — Jacquelene Cerquettini, IHSS Provider, Butte County

CalSavers Retirement Plan
Starting Jan. 1, all IHSS providers will be automatically enrolled in CalSavers, California’s retirement savings program. Last year, UDW members successfully championed a change in policy to allow for these automatic contributions, which will be 5% of our monthly paychecks. We will be able to adjust our contribution rate, change our investments, or opt out entirely—and don’t worry, even if you opt out, you can opt back in at any time.

For Child Care Providers
The Child Care Health Care Fund
Last year our child care members secured $100 million to lower or eliminate health care costs for insured and uninsured providers through the Child Care Health Care Fund. The Health Care Fund helps family child care providers cover medical expenses whether you have Medi-Cal, another insurance plan, or are uninsured—from medications, exams, annual visits, and even premiums.
Learn more about this benefit at

“The health care fund has really given me the freedom I needed to get my health figured out. It helps me cover my monthly premium, medications and even labs. Now, there is no stress about doctor’s visits and I’m even keeping up with my preventative care.” — Angela Rodriguez, child care provider, Riverside County

For All UDW Members
NEW! California Community Colleges Partnership
This Fall, UDW announced a historic first-of-its-kind partnership with the California Community Colleges which will provide all UDW members and their spouses and children free or very low-cost higher education from 116 community colleges across the state. The program is rolling out as a pilot in a few counties and will then expand statewide. Help us develop this benefit and take our survey by scanning this QR code.

The UDW Credit Union
UDW first partnered with Providence Federal Credit Union in 2022, and since then we’ve provided thousands of UDW members with services designed specifically to meet our financial needs. Credit union members enjoy 90,000 fee-free ATMs, free checking and savings accounts, low-interest rate loans specifically designed with UDW members in mind, and free financial wellness classes and counseling to help you achieve a secure financial future.

“UDW’s credit union has done so much for me in such a short time. We moved almost all of our banking over!” —Brian Godfrey, IHSS provider, Madera County