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2023 August to October Highlights

UDW and California Community
Colleges Partnership
In September, UDW Executive Director Doug Moore and California Community Colleges Chancellor Dr. Sonya Christian united to announce a new partnership that will provide UDW members and our families free and low-cost higher education from 116 local community colleges across the state.

Belgium International Domestic Workers Federation Congress
UDW members made the trek across the globe for the 2023 International Domestic Workers Federation Congress in Belgium in October, where we met delegates from around the world and voted on resolutions to help uplift and support domestic workers worldwide.

UDW Leadership Summit
Last month, over 120 UDW member leaders from across the state—child care and home care providers alike—came together in San Diego to develop our leadership skills, find common ground, build each other up, and strengthen our union.

UDW Health Fairs
In the fall we hosted several membership meetings across the state, and San Diego and Orange counties each hosted care-focused health fairs, welcoming over 600 members to learn from our community partners, find new tools and resources, and of course, win prizes!