We all need care.

About UDW

At some point, from the moment we are born to our final breath and the time in between, we will all need care.

UDW members provide critical support and care to California’s children, seniors and people with disabilities, all while advocating for our own essential rights and fighting for what our communities need to thrive. UDW believes that when we uplift those who care for us, we can build a more compassionate and just world.

Our Mission

Achieve equality and dignity for home care and child care workers, the people in our care, and the communities where we live and work.

UDW is about more than pay and working conditions. As a union founded by people of color that serves a membership that is by majority women and people of color, we work to create a world where equality and dignity are possible.  We see the value of every human life, regardless of age, ability, income or zip code.

“UDW is run by and for home care and child care workers—talented care workers whose compassion and skillsets help California succeed.”
– Charlotte Neal, child care provider and UDW member

Our Members

To know our UDW members is to love them.

Each home care and child care worker carries a powerfully unique story, a narrative deeply rooted in commitment and love for clients and community. We’ve collected some of our stories to give you an inside look into members’ daily lives, highlighting the care we give and the impact we have on our neighborhoods, friends and families.

Meet Astrid:
Caregiver, Activist, Mom

“UDW helped me to find my voice… when you fight for one, you’re fighting for all.”

Meet Ivonne:
Teacher, Immigrant, Just Like Family

“As part of the UDW community, I feel protected. We protect each other. We empower each other. We are family.”

Meet Sabrina:
Caregiver, Advocate, Friend

“Our home care providers are essential… I’m fighting for the causes of those who are working hard and just want to be treated fairly.” 

Our union

We strengthen the fabric of our communities.

United Domestic Workers (UDW/AFSCME Local 3930) is a union with over 170,000 home and child care workers in California. We are integral to the state’s In-Home Supportive Services (IHSS) program, which ensures that over half a million seniors and people with disabilities in California live with the dignity and independence they deserve. Our child care members provide high-quality, affordable, home-based child care and early education, supporting countless working families who power our state’s economy. 




Are Women


People of Color


seniors and people with disabilities cared for by our members

40 years

of dedication to care workers and people we care for

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Your Voice Matters

As a union of primarily women and people of color, we fight for the issues that impact our families and communities: racial justice, disability justice, gender equity, immigrants’ rights, affordable housing, and communities free of police violence.
We rise together and we can’t do this alone, that’s where you come in. Your voice, your vote, your presence and your support help us change lives for the better. 


Actions you can take to lift up UDW members, communities and the Californians in our care:

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